Task 1

Whatever we may think about Christmas, one thing is imperative to our joy: Christmas presents. Unlike presents we receive and give on other occasions, Christmas presents are filled with our desire to bring love, peace and hope to our nearest and dearest.

However, Father Christmas from "The computer who wrote to Father Christmas"(page 51) considers wishes have changed recently. Read the story and create a presentation devoted to Christmas presents.

*Make a list of presents asked for by the kids today based on the story (1).

*Compare it with those presents Father Christmas used to bring (look for details in the story)(2).

*Add the latter list with the facts you will draw from the interview with your elder relatives (What presents did they ask Father Christmas for?)(3)

* In the conclusion make a suggestion what presents will be popular with the next generation and why.(4)

Your presentation should be bright (but please, mind the colour scheme you chose and X-mas theme), laconic, illustrated, use graphs and charts if necessary, use clear and exact titles for your slides.

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