Task 1

Are you sure you know enough about Christmas carols? Have you heard there is a story behind every hymn? It’s time to take a closer look at them and plunge into the atmosphere of the forthcoming Christmas.

Task 1: Read the fact and try to guess which carol it is about. After you are sure about your answers – create an interactive fact file about these carols (1 slide or page for each carol). 

Задание 1: угадайте, о каком рождественском гимне идет речь и создайте интерактивный справочник, включающий информацию о каждом из них. Используйте полученные факты! (1 слайд или страница для каждого гимна)

Критерии оценивания:

  1. Правильность (найти названия всех гимнов) – 15 баллов максимум.

  2.  Технические решения (создать продукт с использованием любых программ и сервисов сети Интернет. Не забудьте про возможность свободного просмотра результата без регистрации) – 10 баллов максимум.

  3. Оригинальность, сложность и креативность – 5 балла максимум.

Срок выполнения – с 29.11 по 3.12. Желаем удачи!


  1. This famous Christmas Carol was written to celebrate Thanksgiving and was the first Christmas song performed in space. 

  2. This Christmas Carol inspired a truce during World War I. On Christmas Eve 1914 — British troops heard German soldiers singing and responded by the English lyrics of the same song. 

  3. The melody of this Christmas Carol dates back to the sixteenth century and comes from a Welsh winter song. 

  4. The first Christmas song to mention Santa Claus was written by Benjamin Hanby’s in 1864. 

  5. The origin of this Carol goes back to medieval Europe, where an unknown author wrote seven antiphons—short lines to be sung before and after psalms. Those seven antiphons all begin with the "O," and thus became known as "The O Antiphons." 

  6. Australians have their own version of this Carol where all of the animals are replaced by wildlife from down under. 

  7. This Christmas Carol was broadcast during the first radio program On Christmas Eve 1906. 

  8. This Christmas Carol was originally based on the German folk song about a tragic love story. 

  9. This Christmas carol is about a king from Bohemia who journeyed through severe winter conditions to give the gits to a poor peasant on December 26th.  

  10. The song is about the animals (a donkey, cow, sheep, camel, and dove) and the gifts they brought to baby Jesus.  

  11. Singing this song, a crowd of merry Whos followed the terrified Grinch in the 2018 animated film adaptation of “The Grinch “. Also, this song is referred to in “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens. 

  12. This hymn was written by Charles Wesley and modified by George Whitfield. Originally it told a biblical story about the news brought by the angel to shepherds about the baby Christ’s birth. 

  13. This song is based on traditional Ukrainian folk chants and tells a tale of a swallow flying into a household to proclaim the bountiful year that the family will have. 

  14. The carol tells of a man who is troubled by the hateful world, but then has hope restored as he is reminded of God’s power. It was based on the poem with the same name written during the Civil War by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 

  15. The carol is about the shepherds and the birth of Jesus. The lyrics were composed by the son of the surgeon in England in the 19th century. The carol is set to tune of Greensleeves. 

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